Is HBO’s Watchmen actually one of the best series that is a must watch? Read more to find out.

Watchmen, an American superhero drama series that continues 1987 DC Comics series Watchmen, is winning hearts all over the world.

Watchmen, created by Damon Lindelof of HBO, is arguably one of the top contender superhero series with the likes of Marvel and DC comics. The TV series has a total of nine episodes and all of them are worth watching. In terms of consistency, it said to have taken over the Marvel and DC. There is hardly a weak episode that you could find. In fact, at least two episodes of the series have showcased masterpieces of storytelling, writing and directing that will rank among the best episodes of any drama for years to come.

What makes it different from the leading comic superhero series

As the series has been well directed, the story of the superhero will leave the audiences confused with their weird plotting and psychologically driven storytelling. Legion, who showcases a superhero show in the playing field the same as the Watchmen, has been portrayed weirdly to the point of confusion that could detract from the enjoyment. In the second season of Watchmen, there are all miraculous answers to the weirdness in the character, which is the only reason for the rise of this superhero series

HBO’s Watchmen has been crafted with the brilliance of the mind of the story writers and the director Damon Lindelof. It draws people’s attention to the various ongoing issues in the various parts of the World that include racism, law enforcement, etc. However, it portrays its superheroes in the masks as they are portrayed in the comics but the only difference that makes this series at par with the others is a sympathetic reason that drives the heroes to disguise themselves.

The show has worked on its source material so as to assure the clarity of its messaging. Both the comic and the show are against extremism, with different villains across the political spectrum. However, plenty of real-world, right-wing extremists completely missed the point that Rorschach was written as a bad guy, and embraced him as one of their own.