“Is ‘Ghosted’ a Must-Watch or a Total Bust? Our Honest Review Will Shock You!”

“Ghosted” is a romantic action-comedy movie that tells the story of Cole (Chris Evans), an unlucky-in-love farmer who meets Sadie (Ana De Armas), whom he believes to be an art curator. They have a perfect date that ends with Sadie seemingly ghosting Cole. However, Cole discovers that Sadie is a spy and travels to London to surprise her with a grand gesture, but he gets kidnapped and the two set off on a mission to get the bad guys.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike. While some appreciated the fun and entertaining nature of the film, others found it lacking in storytelling, direction, and acting. The lack of chemistry between the two lead actors was also a point of contention for many viewers.

In one review, the author admits to being a “truther,” hoping that the chemistry between Ana De Armas and Chris Evans in “Knives Out” would carry over into this film. However, the author was disappointed as the chemistry seemed to dissipate in “Ghosted.” The lack of chemistry between the two actors was a common criticism among reviewers, with many feeling that the romantic side of the film was hard to buy into without it.

Another reviewer praised the film’s action scenes, with Ana De Armas being particularly good at them. However, they also noted that Chris Evans seemed miscast, with too much charisma to convincingly play the awkward and unlucky-in-love farmer. The supporting cast, including Adrien Brody’s caricature of a French villain and Amy Sedaris’s one-note character as Cole’s mother, also received criticism for lackluster performances.

Despite the criticisms, many reviewers still found the film to be fun and entertaining. The plot may require viewers to suspend their disbelief, but it still provides enough thrills and laughs to keep them engaged. There are also some gimmicky scenes with cameos that many found to be funny.

Overall, “Ghosted” is a mixed bag. While it may not be the most well-crafted film, it still manages to provide some laughs and entertainment. The lack of chemistry between the lead actors is disappointing, but the action scenes and gimmicky moments still make for a fun watch. It may not be a must-watch film, but it’s definitely worth checking out for a bit of light-hearted fun. As for Ana De Armas and Chris Evans, there’s still hope that they can find the right project to showcase their chemistry and talents in the future.