Is Dwayne Johnson Dead! Or He Has Fallen Prey To A Trending Hoax News?

Earlier this month a piece of hoax news was circulating regarding the death of a renowned stand-up comedian. The incident is repeating itself. It seems like sometimes some news or pranks can go a bit out of control. Recently hoax news is doing round the corners about the death of a celebrity. How authentic this news is? We need to find that out!

Our Beloved Action Star Falling Prey To A Hoax News!

Apparently, it was reported that Dwayne Johnson is dead. The reason for his death was a failed stunt according to the news. The real news is that our Rock Johnson has become a victim of a viral death hoax. A number of fans have shared this game news on their timeline without knowing the real fact.

To make matters worse the hoax news used the name of BBC to make the news sound legitimate. Although if the news is searched on the website, the site does not garner any such information. The headline that was shared on Facebook was the BBC: The rock Johnson dies at 47.