Is “Black Mirror” Season 6 is happening or not?? Is CORONAVIRUS going to affect the same??

“Black Mirror,” One of the most brilliant works in the history of online web series. The way Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones pictured the whole sci-fi thriller is on some other level.

And not only the critics but also the audience loved the show, and although season 5 of the show was released back in 2019 and with that, it has left us with a lot of thrill down the corner.

The series hasn’t been renewed yet, but it will for sure going to come back for season 6 as the show was a critical hit on Netflix. Even if the show gets released, then also we have to wait a lot as the show always releases in parts, and those parts never came up on time.

There is no official announcement regarding the cast, or the story has been made, but it looks like the show is going to have a lot of huge stars, including Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

The show is one of the most unpredictable series with the dystopian aura going all over the place is something which not only is intriguing but at the same time it’s kind of thrilling too.

It’s still not confirmed though that whether there is going to be some kind of twist or it’s going to be the usual evil thing. Fans need to be patient because it’s the only thing they can do for now wait and hope for the best.

But then again, the non-renewal of the show is still a big question that needs to be answered by Netflix as the series was topping the charts. So, what happened suddenly that they didn’t renew the season at the time of Season 5 only.

Coronavirus does not seem to be the reason as the renewal was not announced prior!