Is ‘Bad Boys 4’ happening after ‘Bad Boys for life’ is ruling the box office?

If you hope Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were parting to just departs into the sunset after their aspects in Bad Boys For Life, arrange for a anger. When they said for life, they meant it, as Detective Mike Lowery and Inspector Marcus Burnett are reportedly coming back for another round of crisis and gag lines.

Is 'Bad Boys 4' happening after 'Bad Boys for life' is ruling the box office? 5

With stable critical acclaim and a appealing $6.36 million opening with last night’s stouts alone, Bad Boys For Life looks to have shown Sony Pictures that this is a authorization the public wishes more of. Which is great news, seeing that the plan for two sequels grasps back to the time when writer/director Joe Carnahan was in the driver’s seat. THR has also declared that Chris Bremner, a writer on not only Bad Boys For Life, but also the still flourishing National Treasure 3, has been enlisted to come back to write Bad Boys 4. Which now makes it even more of a guilt that the title of the Jerry Bruckheimer composed three-quarter already flamed the glaring candidate for a fourth film’s headline.

Chris Bremner’s draft for the potential Bad Boys 4 isn’t a clear fire sign that the film is going to emerge. Just ask anyone who was working on the Joe Carnahan version of what ultimately became Bad Boys For Life, as that film’s past was on and off again more than anyone would care to grant.

Is 'Bad Boys 4' happening after 'Bad Boys for life' is ruling the box office? 6

However, the huge contrast is that there’s now blood in the water, so to declare; and Sony’s hungry to get more of that pivotal box office credit that comes from a profitable patent. With a potential bedrock from its past epitome to work on, and a public ostensibly ready to take another spin with Mike, Marcus and the AMMO team, all that’s lacking are the box office proceeds to prove that Bad Boys 4 is not only a good design, but the best idea feasible.