Iron Fist Season 3: Tom Pelphrey Ready to Return, but What is the Fate of the Upcoming Season? Read Further to Know More.

Netflix’s Iron Fist is an American web series created by Scott Buck. It is based on the Marvel character with the same name. It premiered its debut season with 13 episodes on 17 March 2017. It received a whole lot of negative reviews from the critics.

Even after a bad first season, the show got renewed for the second season as some analysis reported that the show had a strong viewership. The second season with 10 episodes was released on 7 September 2018. Afterwards the series for cancelled.

The series revolves around a billionaire Buddhist Danny Rand who has the ability to call upon the mystical powers of Iron fist. After being dead for 15 years he comes back to New York to acquire his family business. Later he is seen facing a dilemma between his family legacy and his duty to save the world.


Recently, Tom Pelphrey who portrayed Ward Meachum revealed some details about the plans of Iron Fist Season 3. Marvel made quite a few shows for Netflix namely Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. However, the relation between the two seems to be getting worse after Netflix cancelled of the Marvel shows.

The second season of the show ended with a cliffhanger storyline with Collen Wing becoming the new Iron Fist. This has left many questions unanswered with season 3 getting cancelled.

The last season ended with Ward collaborating with Danny Rand and travelling to Asia to learn and explore more about the powers of Iron Fist. With this, we had an expectation that we’ll get to see some bro hood sequences.

Adding to that, Pelphrey said that he’ll always be ready to return to the show as Ward, but even he has no idea about the show’s return.

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