Irina Shayk heated up the autumn chill with her crimson red hot dress and we can’t get enough of her!!

With a circle of world-famous friends, Irina Shayk is a world-renowned model. She recently broke up with Bradley Cooper after dating him for more than four years. She shares her two-year-old daughter with him, and according to reports from inside sources, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have come to a mutual statement that they would be in a positive relationship for their daughter, Lea.

Irina Shayk, famous Russian beauty, has made sure that the town was painted red after she stepped out of a party in a crimson dress with thigh slits and crimson lipstick in the city of New York.

Image: The Sun

Irina Shayk showed off her long beautiful legs in her crimson red silky dress. Irina Shayk completed her sexy ensemble by adding a sparkly diamond necklace dangling across her beautiful neck with matching stud earrings. The model has managed well to stay warm in the brisk autumn air by covering herself with a black long wool blazer across her shoulders.

Irina Shayk clearly looks to be the master of her advice after she flaunted her pins in this sexy crimson dress on Thursday night at the Sephora event.

The Russian beauty is still adjusting her life as she continued to work as a single mother after she split from Bradley Cooper back in June. An insider has revealed that both Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are sharing the same goals for their daughter and that they are both wonderful parents. It was revealed that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are going to have 50 percent of the custody of the time, and they have agreed to set up their base in the City of New York.

Apparently, the reason the pair of broken up was rumored to be the steamy affair that Bradley Cooper had with Lady Gaga after they have acted together in the film “A Star is Born.”