Instagram Sensation Demi Rose Hits Back At Trolls For Making Fun Of Her Awkward Catwalk! The British Model Reveals Heartbreaking Reason!

Instagram model Demi Rose is one of the most popular IG baddies on the platform. With over 10 million followers, Rose ranks ahead of even some Hollywood biggies. And all this is because she knows what her followers want and delivers it.  

Demi Rose Trolled For Her Catwalk 

Famous for having a “Coca-Cola” body, the model is not shy flaunting it. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you go through Rose’s account, you will find a slew of bikini and lingerie pictures showcasing her hourglass proportions. But with fame also comes trolls. And Demi has found that out very well recently. 

Back in July, the 24-year-old walked on the runway for Oh Polly swimwear. When the video of the show surfaced online, one thing grabbed the attention away, even from her smokin’ bod. That was her very all-over-the-place walk. All we can say is – Rose definitely didn’t practice enough for the runway walk. 

But of course, mistakes happen and you move on, right? Not on social media apparently. Rose was trolled back and forth for months for her funny walk. The runway happened back in July but four months later in November, people were still talking about it. People gave their unsolicited opinions on Demi’s lack of runway skills. 

Demi Has Had It With Trolls! 

And along with us, the model seems to have had it. Demi took to Twitter to talk about the viral video. In her tweet, she admitted that she isn’t the best model to ever grace the catwalk. But it was a tough day and a tougher year. The Instagram influencer revealed that she was not in the best of spirits those days. 

The reason? The model lost both her parents in one devastating year. Her mother passed away in June, just one month before the Oh Polly show. What is more, her dad had died just a few months ago too. 

All that coupled with the nervousness for the show would drive anyone crazy. Thankfully, she has been a good sport about it all and remembers the experience fondly.