Instagram Queen Jennifer Garner Won’t let her daughter Join Instagram!!! Read on to Know Why.

The 47-year-old actress, Jennifer Garner, a queen of the social media platforms, especially on Instagram, denies her 13-year-old daughter, Violet to join Instagram.

Garner in Conversation at Katie Couric’s podcast

She went on Katie Couric’s podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric this Thursday, and where she revealed why she didn’t want her eldest child, Violet to join Instagram.

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However, this statement of Jennifer will move her out of the cool Mom Category for her daughters. She said that she’s even worried about those children whose parents are not well-known among the public and have to deal with this new pressure. “My daughters at an all-girl school and it’s such a huge problem”, she further said.

Garner’s Conversation with her Daughter Violet

She added that one day, her daughter occasionally came to her and talked about getting on Instagram, and Ganer knew why she wants to be on Instagram. Because she is there and that’s a kind of fun which she does, and Garner is modeling the opposite of what she wants for her daughter to do. Which is precisely her responsibility of being a mother?

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Garner said she would be happy to let Violet use the App but only when they’re together. She wants her to use Instagram with supervision.

Also, she asked her to show any studies that say that teenage girls are happier using Instagram than not? If yes, then they can have a conversation. But Garner doesn’t see anything positive for her in using Instagram. She told her daughter that she can look at her Insta account when she wants to, and they can go over it together.