In Nielsen’s streaming rankings, Manifest holds the top spot

Manifest holds the top position

Manifest shot to the top of Nielsen streaming rankings this week, after a few weeks away. Additionally, the list shows the ten most-viewed series from August 23-29. Nonetheless, these rankings have been a good indicator for the shows and viewers alike. Manifest’s resurgence is primarily due to the third season becoming available on Netflix on Aug. 21. In addition, Netflix announced Aug. 28 that it would revive the former NBC drama for a fourth season. Therefore, the audience took an interest in shows after announced that there would be more seasons. Recently, the viewers count has soared.

A billion watch minutes

Netflix’s U.S. subscribers watched 1.39 billion minutes of Manifest this week. The series has now surpassed a billion minutes for the seventh time. Since its debut on Netflix in July, the title has scored six top streaming titles. Also this week, Netflix’s Clickbait had the best premiere rating for an original series. There were 912 million minutes of viewing time. After several weeks at number one, Outer Banks displaced.  Still, it slipped to second place with 483 million watch minutes. Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu (369 million minutes) and What If … on Disney+ (233 million minutes). For a second week in a row, both made the top 10. Moreover, Netflix’s The Chair (310 million minutes) made its debut in the originals chart following its premiere on Aug. 20.

Netflix’s Manifest renewal

Nielsen’s streaming ratings include television viewing only; computers and mobile devices are not included. In addition, the ratings only include Americans, not those from other countries. At present, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon are the only services included. Fans have been hoping for a renewal of “Manifest” ever since it was canceled. However, the show’s creator, Jeff Rake, was devastated when the show was canceled. The show was “hoping to find a new home”. On Twitter, he wrote, “You the fans deserve a conclusion to your story.” In its three seasons, “Manifest” followed passengers and crew on Montego Air Flight 828. Five years after the commercial airliner disappeared, they mysteriously returned.

This list represents the top 10 series with the most watch on streaming services:

  • Manifest – 42 episodes, 1.4 billion minutes
  • Clickbait – 8 eps., 912 million minutes
  • Cruella (Disney+) – film, 815M million minutes
  • Cocomelon – 12 eps., 719M million minutes
  • Grey’s Anatomy – 376 eps., 704 million minutes
  • Criminal Minds – 316 eps., 587 million minutes
  • NCIS – 353 eps., 586 million minutes
  • Sweet Girl – film, 519 million minutes
  • Chicago Med – 100 eps., 497 million minutes
  • Heartland – 215 eps., 490 million minutes