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I’m Not Okay With This: Season 2 will Feature a Story of a Teenage Turned Destructive is Healed and Helped

An American drama series, I’m not okay with this is a comedy-drama that’s inspired by the comic book sharing the same name as the series and written by Charles Forsman. The announcement of the first season was done in June 2019 and was released out in February, 2020. After gaining wide publicity and recognition, viewers are expecting the second season as well.

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The first season was filled with mystery. Sydney Nowak, aged 17 lived with her mother and a younger brother. Her father committed suicide and after that she was really frustrated. Her mother tries convincing her that her dad wasn’t who he seems to be which would only make her angrier.

Sydney’s anger issues were real and her teacher suggested her mom to get Sydney started with writing a diary where she can mention everything that frustrates her. She would do that regularly. The story sees various turns when she is seen making out with Bradley and later with Diana. These were some of the major turns seen in the series. Later the season ends with Bradley stealing Sydney’s diary in anger and revealing her attraction towards Diana which made her kiss her without Diana’s permission although she later admits that she liked it.

When and where will the second season release? 

Netflix had features the first season and after gaining wide appreciation from its fans, the second season is also to be broadcasted on the giant, Netflix. Official announcements of the renewal is still awaited. 

If the shooting starts by the summers of 2020, as per last season’s trend, we can expect the second season, then, to be out by the starting of 2021.


The secons season can reveal how the shadow following Sydney could be her dad’s and that she needs to be taught how to deal with that scenario well and wisely. She wouldn’t be treated badly specially after that incident of herself being covered with blood and escaping,however, she’ll surely remain the centerbof attraction in the class.


The trailer isn’t out yet, will be revealed soon witg it’s renewal.

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