Iggy Azalea slams T.I after he criticizes her!

T.I’s comment about Iggy Azalea sure riled her up. She had quite a lot to say after his comment, where he criticized her. And it is justified too. T.I called her the “tarnish” of his legacy, and Tip further elaborated on why he felt the method on The Breakfast membership gained slams from Iggy on Twitter.

T.I had some real choice words to say about Iggy. He said when the white folks favored her. She didn’t feel the need to be loved or supported by black people anymore. After discovering that, she switched up. He also said Iggy started performing totally different. She apparently made strikes he wasn’t pleased with and which pushed his fame to the sidelines. After that, she was quite smug about it. T.I further added, “And I really feel like that vitality led to muthafuckas like ‘Ah, we ain’t fucking with that.'”

T.I also made a comment that Iggy needed “assist” when Charlamagne Tha God mentioned about her using writers. Obviously, Iggy did not take this lightly and mentioned Tip’s involved in her profession. She said in a tweet, “When will this man shut up.” She also said that “100” was the only track he was a part of making. However, he wasn’t a part of the artistic or govt course on that album. Iggy wrote, ‘Which is why I’ve at all times taken difficulty with you making an attempt to approximate your self with its a success.” But Iggy deleted this tweet later on.

Iggy further asked him to talk about an artist he’s actually serving to and stop trying to deliver her up for relevance. Iggy also said she didn’t try to mess things with him and that no one’s interested, as well. She said she’s just trying to be good, and she had far higher and fascinating issues to take care of. She also said it was infuriating to watch someone blurting out their mutual issues in public. Lastly, Iggy added, “Hold it pushing sweetie and fear about what your subsequent storyline is for household hustle.”

Way to slam someone for criticizing you, don’t you agree? We sure do.