Iggy Azalea launches her new song ‘Lola’, a part of her new EP Wicked Lips!

Iggy Azalea is a well-known rapper. After going independent in the past six months she released her sophomore album In My Defense. The album has 12 songs that received an adequate response. Now she is back with her music without making her fans wait.

Clearly,Iggy has a way to make her songs sound peppy and exciting but still maintaining the lyrics’ attitude.

Her new song ‘Lola’ released on November 8, just a few hours ago. For this, she collaborated with budding star Alice Chater for the song. Also,the song is a part of her soon to be released EP Wicked Lips. The anticipated album will release next week.

The stunning visuals!

Firstly, the visuals are commendable. In fact, the various colors, costumes, and locations add a liveliness to the wicked song. The song seems to say ‘I don’t give a sh*t, I do what I want’. 

The two singers are dressed in clothes ranging from dull patient white to frilly dresses to the emerald dresses. But the makeup and even hair department did a fabulous job. Apparently, the singers are out to get you but in fashion.


The song is in tunes to the Dean Martin version of the famous 1954 track “Mambo Italiano” originally sung by American singer and actress Rosemary Clooney.

The song starts with a placard reading Insane Asylum. Iggy and Alice string the words beautifully. Again,the ‘Fancy’ singer has proven herself that she is a great singer. 

The bad girl vibe-y song!

The song expresses through its wordings and visuals the dual layers to one’s personality. Assumably,Lola could turn into an anthem for those who are ok being mean. Yet it also means that one could express and speak something and feel something else. Agreeably, feelings are a fickle thing that changes rapidly.

Also,Overthinking and overanalysing prove as the themes where the thoughts are backflipping and one needs to be tied up and in need of a straight jacket to not harm themselves and others.

The lyrics portray one as bad but also teases that others like it when the wickedness is directed towards others. 

Iggy portrays in the song to have loving rumours and dramas. Sure, the song is dramatic. 

Though most important of all is that the cutting off people from oneself takes no time. She continues in the song that she might punch those who she holds grudges against. 

It depicts one as hard to break but also sensitive to vulnerability like being jealous. The vulnerable side of the person is shown with such an endearing attitude that it makes the song more lively.

If this is the start then the EP is set to introduce many more mind-blowing songs with rhythmic beats fit for parties.