If strategic battle games is your pick, Clash Royale is perfect for you! Read to know all details about the game before you start.

The most tempting thing about mobile gaming nowadays is its movability. You can anywhere install the game and play in an instant, Whether you’re stuck on traffic, traveling significant locations, or outright quite bored and need to play a decent game to kill some amount of time.


Mobile gaming has evolved and developed itself and also has made some amazing progress in recent years. Just as a clash of clans that got well known for its striking strategies and tactical attacking genre. Furthermore, Clash Royale is the same.



Clash royale joins a portion of the ideas from MOBA games, for example, Dota 2, League of Legends. Clash Royale is a collectible game mixing with real-time strategic display and consolidating it with MOBA components. You have a deck of 8 cards, with 4 in your grasp at once. You utilize remedy, a vitality unit that revives after some time, to gather cards on the front line. At that point you utilize it to attack the enemy towers in the 2 paths, each having their pinnacle alongside a middle ruler tower.

Annihilate the king tower and you win, however, remember that you need to do as such in a short time. Or else the player who decimated more crown towers is the champ. On the off chance that if both oppositions are tied, there will be one-minute death where whoever wreck tower first, they win.

Paytm First Games has also recently announced about the Clash Royale Championship in India. With its ongoing popularity among the mobile game fanatics it was a great concept of competition up front. It is a year-long occasion that will have four competitions, and gamers will contend to win a prize pool of Rs.10 lakhs alongside vouchers of driving brands. This time the championship will be a lot greater on scale and support, contrasted with the recently held competition and the organization is anticipating a 4x increment during registrations of the tournament this time.


The main leg of this title will be held from 24 May to 26 July. Gaming aficionados the nation over can enlist for this competition on Paytm First Games application. The other three competitions are scheduled to occur among August and March one year from now.