I Am Not Okay with This Season 2major update: what will the upcoming season of this teen drama contain? Read to know all interesting details and much more in this article.

Netflix’s teen drama, “I Am Not Okay With This” Season 1 gained a lot of viewers. The show was mostly popular among the youth. It was a coming-of-age , supernatural series. Sydney and her Friends struggle to survive high school. They find some new things about themselves.

No one have seen the finale episodes yet and people are wondering what could happen in the upcoming season. So aren’t you excited to know what is gonna happen with Syd, Dina and Stanley? Will they fall in some crazy trouble? Well, you’ll have to read the whole article to know that.

Will we have a season 2 for ‘I am not okay with this” ?

First season of the series has recently finished. Thus, it is too early to say whether the second season will come or not. But the show has a huge fan base so it is sure to return.

When will season two be back : release date?

There’s no official announcement about the show’s renewal yet. But the production is expected to start as soon as the renewal is announced. Filming of the first season started in June 2019. Thus, the filming for second season will most probably begin around the same time in 2020.

Who all will come back in the cast?

All the lead roles of the show are expected to come back for the second season ( if it will happen) . The central characters, Syd, Dina, Stanley will surely be coming back. Only Brad will not come back because his head was blown up during the finale of first season. It is confirmed that he is dead but he might give some appearance in flashbacks.

What will happen in season 2 ?

At the end of the series Sydney ran out of the dance and she met a mysterious stranger in the woods. So it would be interesting to know who the new character would be? And how Sydney will know about her powers?