Hustle: The Much Awaited Adam Sandler’s Movie Released Thrilling Teaser

Adam Sandler’s Hustle drops a teaser

Adam Sandler’s most favourite game basketball is going to be portrayed in his upcoming movie soon. Certainly, his love for the game would be all visible in his movie Hustle arriving soon this summer on Netflix. However, we’ve already got a glimpse of what’s coming up with the movie as it dropped a teaser recently.

Netflix drops a teaser for the upcoming movies of Sandler’s Hustle

Adam Sandler

While most of us are already aware about the love Adam holds in his heart for the basketball game. His new arriving movie is going to say a lot about that game. Moreover, Netflix has already given out a teaser for the movie and Sandler looks strict as the coach.

The dropped teaser also shows his student Juancho Hernangomez sweating for being the best player. Sandler would be thus seen in the movie mentoring Juancho’s character as he could be heard in the teaser saying “I love this game, I live this game”.

Sandler’s movie to premiere on Netflix this summer

Twitter/ Netflix Film

As the trailer for the movie is already out, it’s evident that the movie is soon to premiere on Netflix on 10th June this year. Also, as far as the storyline of the movie is concerned then it would be narrating the story of a professional basketball coach. Sandler who would be playing the coach would be seen mentoring a young guy played by Juancho.

Adding further to the story would be the duos venture to the NBA in America. Certainly, Adam’s character will be seen playing a tough mentor who finally gets done what he wants. The LeBron James produced movie would be seen with a cast having in it Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall. Surprisingly, there are suppose to be some coaches and players straight from NBA to make a cameo in the movie too.