Hurray! The Development for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 is Under Progress! The Upcoming Season Expected to Cover the Pandemic that has Shaken the Entire World.

Recently Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped up its seventh season on April 23 2020. So nothing could stop fans from thinking about the next season. Goor’s tweet on official account of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is full proof that there will be 8th season of the show.

The co-director of the show Dan Goor said that fans are enjoying the new equation between Amy and Jake’s baby now it’s worth watching how their domestic life fits into their work life. They seem perfect as couple and their romance and comic time attracts a lot of fans.

So, the producers of the show want to keep the same balance and equation in the next season also. They would also be considerate about the fact that Jake and Amy are parents now so they have to balance their careers and love.

Goor also added that they are thinking how they would incorporate current pandemic into the upcoming season. They would also try to incorporate current struggles faced by New York City Police. Goor’s main focus is on how they would balance the funny part of the show while keeping the characters real. He also told the media how happy he felt knowing people are getting happiness watching his show in this tough time. He also told they have already started thinking and working on the next season.

The season would be released in the next year probably. As for now, their main focus is on developing the story and characters of the next season. They have to think much on how the virus has affected each of the character and still have to keep it funny and basic. The only thing which would make it easier is, if they star shooting. We hope soon, the situation world-wide gets better so that everyone could start their work where they left.