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Hulu Psychological Horror Castle Rock Is Wrapped Up After A Two Seasons Run!

It seems like Hulu’s popular psychological-horror series Castle Rock came back with a second season, and now fans are wondering is there going to be a third season or not!

Hulu’s Psychological Horror Series Castle Rock Is Not Returning For Season 3!

Well, fans are going to be devastated as Hulu’s horror series Castle Rock has officially been canceled just after two seasons. This decision does not come in as a shock as the streaming platform decided to end the story with two seasons a while ago.

The series received a positive response from viewers and fans love the fact that it made a few exceptions in the plotline unlike the original story or in the movie. The series gave Annie Wilkes’ character a daughter along with an origin story. While there is not going to be a third season, you can definitely binge watch the two back to back seasons as they bring one of the most iconic Stephen King story back to life.

Hulu Gave Annie Wilkes’ A Proper Origin Story.

As we saw in the movie, Misery, the Hulu series gave Annie a proper origin story that eventually led to her unstable state, as fans saw by the end of the season 2 finale, Annie seems to be hallucinating that her daughter is alive while waiting in line at a book signing for her favorite author, Paul Sheldon.

The streaming service is making sure that fans get to see the past of Annie and how her unstable mental condition led to her daughter’s death further worsening her state. Annie’s character was highlighted and explained as she goes on to be one of the most unsettling villains of Stephen King.

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