Hulu And Marvel Cancelled The Show: The Runaway Will end With The Fourth Season.


Marvel Series holds a great fanbase which is always eager to know about the upcoming events of the Cinematic house. Well, Marvel has some piece of bad news for its audience. The big franchise Marvel Runaway is going down. The show is about to end and marvel has cancelled all the possible out coming season of the show.

The Plot Of The Show?

The show is based on the marvel comics-based on the superhero team story of the same name. The show was aired on Hulu. The series followed a group of six teenagers from Los Angeles, who fight back their parents, working for a dark mission. The idea of series is somewhat different, righteous children outsourcing their parents. And yes, marvel never fails to wow their unique sense of comic punches and thus show is full of action, adventure, and teenage drama, which in fact is essence of the show.

What Went Wrong With The Show?

The show though holds a big banner name, but it failed to bound the viewer and didn’t receive much popularity. The show was first aired on Hulu in 2017 in May. But, the show was not as exciting as the other show. the needle pinched the enthusiasm when the audience found no change in the plot of the series. The series was no different from the comic, which didn’t go well for the show.

Thus the joint statement has been issued by Hulu and Marvel. Creators have confirmed that the third season will be the final season for the show as the maker are going in the loss regarding the popularity of the show. the show recently finished it’s final third season released and is now seeing no further enhancement in the series.