Hugh Jackman Is Spreading The Holiday Cheer As The Anonymous Shareholder Of A Retail Company!

It seems like one of the most loved celebrities of Hollywood is spreading the Holliday cheer already! Who is this star? Well, we are about to find that out in this article given below.

Hugh Jackman Gives Away A Huge Amount To The Staff Of R.M.Williams!

Hugh Jackman has been given away a whopping  $1.2million dollars to the staff at boot retailer R.M. Williams! All the staff members at the Adelaide-based company went home with a big surprise that came in the form of a $1300 Christmas bonus from an anonymous shareholder, however, various media tabloids believe that it was none other than our Wolverine himself!

The actor is already an active participant as an ambassador and shareholder of R.M. Williams and recently starred in a rather hilarious new advertisement talking about how much he loves the boots! The X-Men star was seen wearing nothing but just a pair of shoes while sitting in an office chair and expressing his love for the pair!

The Actor Starred In One Of Their Recent Advertisement!

As the rb tickling advertisement goes on the actor talks about how everything at RM Williams is just so comfortable and his absolute love for them! Well, you sure gotta love them if Hugh Jackman himself says so!  The actor had recently penned down a heartfelt social media post thanking all the essential workers for their dedication and hard work.


It seems like fans just one more reason to love the actor even more than ever! The actor is already quite the heartthrob with his acting skills and well, his hilarious antics with Ryan Reynolds! Now, it seems like Hugh Jackman sure knows how to make the holidays special in his own unique way!