How to Plan an Ideal Proposal on a Date: General Advice

There are two types of dating: when you don’t have plans for the future and simply enjoy what you have at the moment and when you are planning to spend the rest of your life with your date-mate. In the first case, it is unlikely that you are going to face any problems, unless one of you wants dating to become something more. Yep, different goals in a relationship often lead to a breakup. But in the second case, things become more and more complicated.

As when you see that there is something more than simple female attraction that holds you together, you realize that, most likely, you are the one to make the first step to the further development of your romantic relationship. And that’s when the headache begins. Scientists speculate that romantics are more inclined to nervous breakdowns than others, and when you are picking the idea for a perfect proposal, you can easily understand why.

When you are not much into romance, you will simply go straight ahead and roll the dice with telling her that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. But when you are a romantic person, things are not that easy. You think that she is the one, and the proposal must be ideal. And after you’ve spent so much time picking the ideal proposal, planning everything, investing your emotions into it, it is easy to get a heart attack when she refuses.

You want to win, and you want to stay alive; that’s why you need to consider everything. So before we dive into suggesting certain ideas for a proposal on a date, you need to learn the sure signs that she is ready for a proposal. Let’s figure out how to learn that she is ready for you to propose.

You Have a Peaceful Relationship

The first thing that you need to consider before proposing to her is whether your relationship is peaceful. Maybe she suffered from a serious breakup, and her past relationship still haunts her. Not that we are stating that you are nothing but a shoulder to cry for her, but you need to consider your role in her life before proposing. If you are in a peaceful relationship, and her past relationship doesn’t resurface into your conversation, it’s a sign that she might be eager to marry you and would gladly accept your proposal.

You’ve Never Been on the Verge of a Breakup

While this point coming after talking about your peaceful relationship may seem ridiculous, it doesn’t. Has your relationship been always peaceful? If so, there is nothing to worry about. But if your relationship is peaceful right now, although you’ve been on the verge of a breakup a few times before, you should really think twice before proposing. Not that it won’t work, but she might start doubting on whether she should get married to a guy with whom she was close to breaking up. At least address this issue in your proposal speech. That will give her a clear understanding that you know what you are doing when proposing to her.

You’ve Discussed Marriage Before

The last thing that you need to consider before proposing to her is whether you’ve already discussed marriage. If you’ve discussed getting married, and she seems positive about that, then you can easily proceed with proposing. It means that she is absolutely ready and would like you to propose to her.

Interesting Ideas for an Ideal Proposal on a Date

Now, after we are done with things that you need to consider before proposing, we can proceed to discuss ideas for your proposal. Of course, you can make out something on your own, but it is always easier when you are provided with useful tips. Thus, we offer you to check out five interesting ideas for an ideal proposal on a date without further ado.

1. Public Marriage Proposal

This is the most dangerous but still the most popular way to propose. Why dangerous you may ask? Well, proposing in a public place means you are going to have a lot of witnesses. While the witnesses may stand on your side, convincing your girlfriend to accept the proposal, you would feel completely broken if she refuses in the public. But enough with the fears of possible failure. Let’s get into planning the proposal. So pick up the place that it is important for both of you, and next time you are there, ask some random person to take a picture of you and, at the last moment, go down on your knee and propose to her. Aside from surprising your girlfriend, the moment of your proposal will be captured forever. If you are up to preparations, arrange a street band to perform her favorite love song. You can also ask them to add your girlfriend’s name into the song’s lyrics. Aside from pleasantly surprising your girlfriend, you would prepare her for the upcoming proposal.

2. At-Home Marriage Proposal

Well, if you are not into risking that much and catching understanding looks of the public witnesses of your proposal’s failure on you, then you can opt for the at-home proposal. Here, you should start from the front door. Ask her to come in the evening and make a candlelit path right to the entrance. In the house, the path continues, but it is formed with attached to the ribbons photographs that describe your relationship. At the end of the path, you will be waiting for her with the ring.

3. Playful Marriage Proposal

You’ve been together for some time, which is quite enough to figure out your favorite movie. So, why not reenact a romantic scene from your favorite film to make a proposal? Or take her to a drive-in theatre to watch her favorite movie to propose to her. Tastes are different, but it is better to pick a romantic movie. Maybe she had said once that she would prefer love to be like in that movie? Then that’s the movie.

Go For It

That’s only three suggestions that we can provide you. You can find thousands more around the web, but it is always better to create the perfect proposal on your own, as no one knows your girlfriend better than you. While we’ve discussed the possible risks of proposing, there is no point in fearing it. If you want to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend – go for it and propose her.