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How to Pick Automated Betting Software 2021

Using automated betting software is one of the ways to bet smartly. Many bettors are already using bots, usually on the Betfair exchange, to increase their betting profits. 

You can use automated betting software without knowing the coding language and being a computer genius. But beginners get confused with automated betting software because there are several types, each suiting a different purpose. 

Here is a guide to help you pick the top automated betting software for 2021. 

Automated Betting Software Explained 

Automated betting software, sometimes referred to as bots, is a software program that enables you to bet nonstop. Your only job is to set up the system. You can teach your bot the most complicated betting strategy, and it will effectively implement it for you. 

Automated betting software scans betting markets, bets automatically, and stops betting on pre-determined win or loss limits. They implement the latest technologies and undergo updates regularly to ensure peak performance. If you use bots wisely, they can save you trouble while netting profits. 

Automated betting software has many benefits. For one, it doesn’t get tired, it requires zero sleep, and it’s capable of improving your gambling odds in ways that you may not even know about. That being said, just having automated betting software won’t get you far. You need to know how to use it.

Build Bots on Betfair without Coding Knowledge 

Betfair allows you to build bots without prior coding knowledge. The Betfair website shows you to build bots that work as you intend. 

First, you must create a betting system or strategy. Next, program the bot to implement it for you. 

However, programming bots on Betfair is not for newcomers. If you are at the learning stage, we recommend manual betting. When you are an expert, create an effective betting strategy and program a bot to implement it. 

Use Pre-built Tools to Create Automated Betting Software 

You will find paid and free tools that enable you to create automated betting software. 

Bet Angel, for example, enables you to place complex bets without any effort. You can program it to implement multiple strategies, systems, and rules. The system also allows sharing strategies with other Bet Angel users.  

If you are new to automated betting software, you can use the practice mode till you learn to use real money confidently. 

Bet Angel lets you access its services for £0.99 per day. If you like the service, you can get a monthly subscription for £29.99 or an annual subscription for £149.99. 

BF Bot Manager is another tool that enables you to create automated betting software, but it is not suitable for beginners. Fortunately, its practice mode allows you to use play money, enabling you to learn how to use it without taking risks.  

BF Bot Manager grants you free access for five days, after which you have to purchase a monthly subscription for $29.95 or an annual subscription for $119.95. 

The good news is that BF Bot Manager works not only on Betfair but also on other sportsbooks like Matchbook and Betdaq. However, most bettors use it only on Betfair. 

Bots that Do All the Work 

If you don’t have any betting strategy in mind and want automated betting software that does all the work, you can use a comprehensive software package. You only have to input variables like betting limits. 

For example, Each Way Sniper is a flexible software tool that finds profitable bets. It comes with in-built strategies and knows how to make the best bets. You don’t have to feed any information into the system. 

You can also use a tool called Variant 6 Strategy, developed by Paul Brent, who claims to have a wagering experience of 40+ years. Although this automated betting software doesn’t guarantee wins every time, it delivers an average daily profit of £50 if you are willing to bet around £10. 

Variant 6 Strategy comes with 56 different strategies, monitors the market, finds profitable bets, and automatically places them when the time is ripe. You don’t have to do anything but collect the profits. However, it comes with a one-time fee of £297. 

Quick Tips to Pick the Best Automated Betting Software 

Here are some quick tips to help you pick the best bots: 

  • If you are new to betting, choose a tool that is easy to use. 
  • If you have no time, choose a software program that can follow your instructions round the clock. 
  • If you prefer being in control, go in for bots that serve as your assistants and manage your bets. 

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