How to get away with murder recap: what happened in episode 8?

The guesswork was going on since forever with How to get away with Murder’s final season. And after the episode on Thursday a lot of things got clear. In the 8th episode Tegan, Nate and Bonnie took center-stage and brought Nate Sr.’s death to trial. But before the episode came to an end, one of the trio ended up in the hospital and came across a life changing truth. Here are the details of the episode “I want to be free.”

The trial of Nate Sr.’s death is packed with twists. Annalise and Frank doon’t want Bonnie and Nate to find out that Miller is innocent. Pretending to be on Nate and Bonnie’s side, Annalise tries to bring the trial to an end. Firstly, Bonnie isn’t Nate’s lawyer anymore because of the romantic relationship between them. So Tegan replaces her to represent Nate. Bonnie and Tegan decide to put Gov. Birkhead on the stand but her testimony wasn’t that impressive. During the courtroom drama, Bonnie tries to get immunity for Paula Gladden. But the entire plan reaches a curveball when Bonnie meets with a car accident.

And the mysterious Castillo associate is behind it. Bonnie is suffering from a hematoma in her head, but she will be fine in due time. Annalise tries to convince Frank to go by the truth and find some way to reveal that Xavier Castillo was behind Nate Sr.’s head, not Miller. And Paula admits to that fact during her testimony. Finally Nate’s father received justice and the police are now searching for Xavier. Gov Birkhead, who was equally responsible for the death, hasn’t been proved guilty yet. In fact he goes on Tv and maintains his innocence. In the hospital, Bonnie learns that Miller is innocent.

The episode jumps one week into the future where Annalise presents a hypothetical case involving Snow White and the seven dwarves. However, Annalise flees away to an unknown destination to start a new life with a new identity. A lot happened in the episode and you sure don’t want to miss it.