‘How to Get Away with Murder’ final season Death Mystery of Annalise Keating has a Major twist!

The sixth and final season of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ will wrap up focusing on the death mystery of Annalise Keating. Annalise is a lawyer and professor. She was involved in other deaths to various degrees from season 1 to 5, in the final season death lingers on her.

The executive producer Peter Norwalk has promised the show’s sixth season will solve its remaining mystery. He revealed that this American drama would resolve all the threads by the end of the final season.

How to Get Away with Murder will return to our screens with a new FBI death mystery airing on ABC in the US, later this week. The premiere episode of the drama ended with Annalise’s funeral with a flash-forward. The death mystery will unfold in the subsequent episodes of the show.

It delivers answers at the mid-season in which Annalise is in rehab. She tells her therapist that she has to make a choice between life and death.

The showrunner Norwalk said that he wanted the season to end with something big. Especially for the character Annalise. The ultimate mystery of the final season is who killed Annalise? It was something he thought to do before. But obviously, it could be done in the final season only.

He added that the audience might feel angry about the death of Annalise. But anger is an important emotion.

The fifth season ended as Annalise screaming on the street after Laurel disappeared. Also, Laurel’s son was snatched out of a crib. The last season will answer as many questions as possible. Norwalk doesn’t want to leave the audience with any unsolved questions.

This final season will play with the story characters that connect with the past seasons. The characters will choose their alliance for their survival.