How to Forget an Ex-Girlfriend: 7 Life Hacks

Have you recently broken up with a girlfriend and are having trouble getting her out of your head? Or, perhaps, this breakup unsettled you so much that you don’t know how to live on? Breaking up is always very difficult, but there are still several tricks that you can use to forget about your ex-girlfriend and start life from scratch.

  1.     Tell her everything you think

This is not a point that you should return everything and make up. You probably boil with anger, frustration, misunderstanding, your head is bursting with questions “how? why? for what?”. If you keep them to yourself, you can never put an end to the relationship. Make an appointment, call, text in a messenger or, at least, send a letter to tell your ex-girlfriend everything you think about her and the current situation. Free your emotions.

  1.     Remember everything that was bad

Men often idealize their exes after breaking up. You can just go about your business, and suddenly you remember some of your jokes or a cute date. You smile sadly, remember her words… Stop! One of the most important tips is to remember the bad. Concentrate on problems and fights. Try to remember her bad habits and awful behavior. It acts like a cold shower.

  1.     Travel

If you have the opportunity to immediately go to any interesting country or city, then this is just wonderful. During the trip, you will be filled with a huge amount of positive emotions, see stunning corners of the world, learn new and interesting things, and chat with girls live. Most importantly, you won’t have time for sadness and longing for your ex. It really helps.

  1.     Do sports

It may sound trite but sports will really help you forget your girlfriend. As you exercise, negative emotions will spill out of you. You will feel much better after it. Plus, by doing so, you will improve your physique and increase willpower, which will be very beneficial.

  1.     Don’t start new relationships too soon

A new girl won’t help you forget your ex. You will inevitably compare this relationship with the previous one, say something about a breakup or your ex (and this will be very annoying to your current girlfriend), you will have problems with trust and emotional background. Most likely, another breakup awaits you, which will finally finish off your faith in yourself and love.

  1.     Terminate all contacts

As much as it hurts you, forget about the desire to see your ex-girlfriend. Stop all contact with her, and it will be easier for you to get her out of your head and move on. Delete her number from the phone and don’t call her. If you decide to talk to her, it can only further aggravate your emotional wound, and in the end, you will harm yourself.

  1.     Open your heart to close people

Share your experiences with your best friend. Start from the moment when everything went wrong and end with today’s feelings and experiences. Such confessions will help you sort out your own thoughts, look at the situation from the outside. They will give you the prospect of quick healing.