How to Date Argentinian Women?

Argentina is a country with picturesque nature and rich culture. It has everything: ocean, snow-white beaches, high mountains, hot deserts, beautiful waterfalls, small villages, and developed cities with historical, and architectural sights. And if you plan on dating Argentinian women, then you have to find out some important facts about them and their cultures.

They do not know the word “punctuality.”

Argentines are funny residents of the country of Manyanii (from the Spanish mañana – “tomorrow,” “the day after tomorrow,” “later”). As soon as you hear the word mañana in the speech of the Argentinean, forget about the promise forever. For the most part, these are empty words that do not mean anything because the Argentines live in the moment; their favorite expression is “There is no need to worry today – tomorrow will always come.” To come late for half an hour or an hour is considered the norm. The Argentines are not at all worried about their own time, and even less so at someone else’s time. And the impression is that they are never in a hurry: even on the street and in the subway, it is difficult to make them hurry. They say that God sends foreigners to Argentina to teach them patience!

They love close communication

When communicating, Argentines are as close to each other as it gets – at arm’s length. This is the norm of local etiquette, so the desire to move away from the interlocutor will be regarded here as a reluctance to communicate. If you are constantly moving away, then it is quite likely that an Argentinian person will move closer to you in order to reduce the distance.

They kiss and shake hands when meeting and saying goodbye

In this country, everyone smiles and gives each other kisses and compliments. When meeting and saying goodbye, well-known people are supposed to kiss each other on the cheek, both for women and men (men kiss close friends, girlfriends also kiss each other). And unfamiliar – to shake hands in the European style and nod your head. Also, a greeting may be accompanied by a hug and a pat on the shoulder. And given the fact that a lot of meetings and dates happen in a day, then in a few days, this behavior becomes a way of life: I saw – kissed (shook my hand or hugged) – smiled – moved on.

They know how to say “hey you!” Politely

Argentina is a Hispanic country. English is mainly spoken by representatives of business and the tourism sector. They say that Argentines speak the local dialect of the Spanish language, and the pronunciation can vary significantly from region to region. It is quite likely that you will encounter the sociolect of Lunfardo, which came from the lower layers of the population, in which Spanish is intertwined with a peculiar Spanish-Italian dialect. Argentina also has its own special words that cannot be found in other Spanish-speaking countries.

They are late-night people

The Argentines have a lot of time: all dinners, meetings, and parties begin after ten in the evening and usually last until the morning, even on weekdays. Many restaurants open only at 20:00, which can create difficulties for tourists with children. A full-fledged dinner in an Argentinean family starts at around 10 p.m., and at about 7 p.m. – something like an afternoon snack. Bars and some cafes are open well after midnight. Conversations at the table are leisurely and revolve around three “elephants”: football, politics, family. Food on the go here is considered to be bad manners, and at the table, it is not recommended to use toothpicks and talk loudly.

They are obsessed with football and politics

Argentine tango is not just a dance, but a way of life. Argentine football is not just a game, but national pride. During world championships in schools, pupils, and students do not study, but watch football. When Argentina wins, riots begin on the streets. When it loses, it is the same. In general, Argentines like to organize pickets and demonstrations (block traffic, beat the drums), discuss politics, and argue about football.