How are the New Mutants and X-men interrelated? Here’s what you probably didn’t know!

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Introduced in 1982 as the younger teen students to the now-grown X-Men, “The New Mutants” have always been the grittier, left-of-center B-team that turned the teen angst up to 11.

Following a major reset of their status quo last year in the twin blockbuster limited series House of X and Powers of X, the X-Men are about to go full swing into the ‘Dawn of X’ era, bringing together the various titles of Marvel’s X-Men line into an epic crossover that touches the entire mutant milieu called ‘X of Swords.’


Cannonball, a k a Sam Guthrie Played by Charlie Heaton

This country-fried Kentuckian discovered he could wrap himself in thermal energy and shoot around like a cannonball.

Mirage, a k a Danielle Moonstar Played by Blu Hunt

Co-leading the group with Cannonball, Mirage’s powers are a mystical blend of psionic energy manipulation and illusionary fear projection.

Sunspot, a k a Roberto da Costa Played by Henry Zaga

A Brazilian bad boy with buckets of cash, Sunspot originally had his eyes on becoming a professional soccer star.

Wolfsbane, a k a Rahne Sinclair Played by Maisie Williams

The walking embodiment of Catholic guilt, Wolfsbane is a good Scottish girl who literally was set to be burned at the stake after her lupine mutant abilities manifested when she was just 13.

Magik, a k a Illyana Rasputina Played by Anya Taylor-Joy

Kid sister to iron X-Man Colossus, Magik is also pretty heavy metal. She was raised in Limbo by an evil sorcerer before escaping using a sword she forged from her own soul.

The new super kid’s movie on the block are going to hit theatres on Friday. We can expect a lot more adventure outings and great storylines of new age young superheroes from the X-men.