How 17 year old Girl gangster killed 20 people??

Gakirah Barnes has built up a reputation for being one of the most infamous girl gang member in US history. Gakirah Barnes has amassed over thousands of followers on social media. Gakirah Barnes supposedly made her first kill when she was just 14 years old and was known as ‘young killa’ from then on.

Gakirah Barnes was shot dead in 2014. She took nine shots in the chest, jaw, and neck. Gakirah Barnes was immortalized in numerous YouTube memorials.

One of the local reporters has added that she ought to be one of the most notorious shooters of that neighborhood’s history.

How 17 year old Girl gangster killed 20 people?? 1
Image: The Daily Beast

An expert has said that there is a monstrous girl who went around killing people and also talked about them online through social media platforms.

As a part of the documentary Secret Life of a Gang Girl, Gakirah Barnes’ story was shared on A&E.

Gakirah Barnes has built up the reputation of the most vicious assassins in Chicago just at the age of 17-years. Gakirah Barnes was believed to be involved in 20 gangland deaths. She spoke online about the deaths of her friends and gang warfare and amasses thousands of followers.

Gakirah Barnes was shot dead when she was walking to her friend’s home in Woodland.

While studying Gakirah Barnes’ online presence, Professor Desmond Patton said that she didn’t seem almost real.

Gakirah Barnes’ father died after taking a shot in 1997. When this incident took place, Gakirah was only 12 months old and following this incident, she fell with a band of young men from her South Side neighborhood of Woodlawn. These young men have called themselves the Fly Boy Gang or the St. Lawrence Boys.

In the documentary, they stated that Gakirah started getting sucked into this gangster life following the deaths of one friend after another. They said that the reason for her being so prominent in the gang world is that she earned honor and respect.