Houston Rocket’s Danuel House Jr. sits out Friday but is likely to play on Sunday against the Dallas

Houston Rocket’s forward player Danuel House Jr. was sitting on the bench during the match on Friday.

The match was a road game v/s the Los Angeles Clippers. This was due to the soreness in his left shoulder. However, Danuel House is most likely to make come back on Sunday’s match. Sunday’s match is a home match between his team and the Dallas.

The head coach of Houston Rocket, Mike D’Antoni shared the status of House’s injury before the Friday match. Friday’s match took place at the Staples Centre. The team has witnessed to win eight matches out of nine games played by them. The last match scored 11-4 and a clear win.

Danuel House has given his major contribution to the wins. He is often considered to be the key contributor and is a starter pack. However, this shoulder injury can give chance to Eric Gordon in his place.

The Houston Rockets started the match with Ben McLemore for small forward. This way the same way they did last week when House missed 3 games because of a back injury. McLemore who is 6 foot 3 inches is considered small in height when compared to House who is 6 feet 6. As a result, he has less defensive versatility.

House met a short term injury on Wednesday. In the second half of the match, he ran into the screen set. It was 284 pounds Nikola Jokic. He then flexed his arm many times. But ultimately had to return to benches in a hope to recover soon.

However, it did not go accordingly and he left the court. The team later announced that he would not be able to continue the rest of the match. By the end of 12 games of this year, the forward player (House) has an average of 11.6 points and 4.8 rebounds.

All this is calculated as 28.9 minutes per match. The 26-year-old basketball player is among the top 3 point shooters at 44.6%. His defensive rating is 104.0 which is among the best rating for any player in the Rockets.