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Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy going on an adventure in a machines dominated world still remains as one of the best games ever! Check it out.

And finally it’s the time for official launch of Horizon zero dawn on the computers. Its the PlayStation title from Guerrilla Games and authorised to the first party. So let the adrenaline rush continue in your body as it has already launched on August 7, 2020.

Well, it is the perfect time to release the game as everyone is seeking entertainment in this lockdown period. While for people who haven’t tried the game yet, you must do it once. I’m sure you will like it. Horizon zero dawn is the first and foremost complete edition of game of its kind on the PCs.

However, there’s a lot of similarities in the game if compared with PlayStation 4 kin. But its technical bits are something that makes it distinct from PlayStation 4 kin. Some features that make the PC version of the game exceptional are ultra-widescreen support, unlocked framerates, and field-of-view controls. In addition, there are also some improvements made in the dynamic foliage and lighting system.

Well, however old your computer might be, it will give you a better playing experience and better view than it used to give on PlayStation 4. However, if you face any difficulties and want smooth running of the game, do update your graphics driver once.

Moreover, if you have DualShock 4 controller plugged into your rig then everything is done. You’ll be killing dinosaurs and saving lives of people. And if you take my personal suggestion, you could bring the graphics to medium or high. Secondly, set the field-of-view setting to maximum and put the  the controller sensitivity to low and its done, you are ready to play. However, the game has just released so if there’s a lag it’ll be modified by time.

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