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Hollywood Stunt Legends Hiro Koda And Jahnel Curfman discuss about incidents in their career where they could have lost their lives.

The Stunt Couple Have Even Received Emmy Nominations For Their Amazing Work

Being a stunt actor is a risky but rewarding Hollywood career and is done by thrill seekers who are willing to put their own lives on the line so that audiences around the world are entertained.

This is what Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman – husband and wife who had been part of many Hollywood projects as stunt doubles, including Stranger Things and Kobra Kai for which they received Emmy nominations in 2019 and had been part of major blockbusters such as Avatar as well.

The Thrill of Danger

Koda starts by recalling the time when he was doubling Jet Li in The One (2001) and was doing a scene where he was running with another stunt performer David Wald, and both were playing Jet Li. They had to run through many walls of fire and then fall out of it. It was a long run and they had to spend about 25-30 seconds in the fire. Koda experienced a malfunction in his air tank and it cut off his oxygen supply during the scene.

Curfman then spoke about a stunt she did, which involved taking a 40-foot jump off of a bridge in San Pedro Harbor, which was in Long Beach, California. She was doubling for Angie Harmon for Rizzoli & Isles and it was her first time doing such a stunt.

She had to train for that jump for over two months for that 5-second scene and when the time came, the jump was actually higher than intended as the wafer level dropped in the harbour. But she managed to nail the takeoff and entry, and said that it was the biggest high she ever experienced from a stunt.

Such is the life of stunt actors.


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