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hollywood has stopped all shooting processes in USA and now Ben Affleck moved his movie shoot to Canada as well.

the pandemic has done only harms and even if one looks forward to seeing any benefits of it they would be left with nothing but disappointment. The life has stopped and everyone is still trying to cope up with the losses they have incurred. Life is more important than the economic losses that have been caused.

One can think about regaining the economic or financial losses that the pandemic has caused which would be the loss of jobs or any other way that they have caused a loss to them by the virus that seems tough to get rid of. Be it the entertainment industry or the production industry, everything has come to a standstill and the overcoming capacity has been lowered or moved away. Whenever the pandemic gets over, the industries that have now been shut for long will get reopened and will be taken care of, however, at a slow pace.

What has happened to the Hollywood industry?

Be it movies or series, everything has stopped for improvement of additions in the future after the pandemic has hit the world hard as it has now. The USA is the worst-hit by the pandemic due to the high number of cases that get diagnosed daily with their efficient testing capacity.

This comes at the cost of losing a huge chunk of the economy by the producers and directors and others that are employed under them. Ben Affleck is the director most famous for his marvel creations and one of the first people to move their shooting out of the USA and relocate it to Canada. This has been the trend followed by most of the directors who are reluctant to give up even a minute chunk of their employment to the pandemic.

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