Hollywood director Ron Howard slams Trump on Twitter but it seems this whole act backfired!!

Hollywood director Ron Howard slams Trump on Twitter but it seems this whole act backfired. Well not very sure about the news as well also. Howard who is a famous director in Hollywood has said that there are lots of problems in Hollywood that many people do not know of or are not well fully aware of to it. Howard mentions that the president Trump when being a candidate had lots of supporters to vote for him to win the election and to become the president.

But now not everyone agrees to it. Many are disappointed with the president and his rules and everything. Trump is doing everything according to his own wishes and opinions, which is not right and which should not be done at all because it is clearly nuisance and wrong. People have elected him as the president of USA and him doing things which are not moral is not at all good code of conduct as the president.

Howard recently posted on Twitter about Trump and his opinions about him. The director says that Trump is selfish and wants and does everything in his own eay and according to his choices and will which is so not right. He just cares about his bank account and for his own needs. Trump does not care about the people and their needs. Trump is not what everyone thinks or sees him to be, he is different that is what is his opinions.

Also it is not just Howard who has problem with Trump. There are other people who have raised their voices as well too. Linda Ronstadt, Grammy Award winner and famous music icon. She is also the happy days star. She is also of a bad opinion about Trump. Linda says that Trump is like Hitler and soon Mexicans will be like Jews, which will be suffered, tortured and killed. This is inhuman totally.