Hilton Clan unites to mark the memorial service of hotelier Barron Hilton! Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton look somber attending the service!

The Hilton clan suffered a major loss. The passing away of Barron Hilton on 19 September last month is still impacting the family.

Thus, the Hilton sisters came together for the memorial service of their grandfather.

A glimpse of Barron Hilton’s life:

On 19 October, one month after Barron’s death his memorial service was held. In particular, the ceremony took place at Good Shepherd Church, Beverly Hills, California on this Saturday. The hotelier died at the age of 91 amounting to natural causes.

In fact, Barron was the successor of self-made hotelier Conrad Hilton. Although, Barron ensured the success of the Hilton Hotel Empire.

The successful hotelier was born in 1927 in Dallas, Texas. The business magnate retired in 2007. Similar to his father, he pledged 97 per cent of Hilton hotel Corporation funds to Conrad N.Hilton Foundation. This, though this decision was taken in 2007.

The Memorial service where Hilton Clan united:

Both sisters looked sombre in the traditional black mourning attire. While Paris paired her look with a high ponytail and pleated A skirt. On the other hand, Nicky looked toned down in her simple midi dress.

Furthermore, Barron,29, named after his grandfather was present. He delivered a eulogy at the service. Also, his pregnant wife accompanied him in his grief.

Though, their parents Kathy and Richard also attended the sombre service. Moreover, even Nicky’s husband James Rothschild attended the service.

Grief sharing and dealing

Still, the Simple Life star took to social media to share the memories of her grandfather. She considers him her mentor. Also, she promises to further his legacy.

Clearly, she adored the elderly. Evidently, her admiration shows as she describes him as brilliant, adventurous, kind. So, she respects him a lot.

And also described on social media her feelings. She claims that she is heartbroken and shocked by the demise of the philanthropist.

Though, The businesswoman herself is busy nowadays. Recently her 25th perfume Electrify was launched. Her travel schedule has remained hectic. But, she was poised at the memorial service.

We hope the Hilton clan is dealing efficiently with their loss.