Highest % of eating Trans fats may cause 75% more risk to cause Alzheimer

On Wednesday, a new study has been published which declared, people who take a higher level of trans fats in their body, up to 75% of their blood develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you know what is Alzheimer’s? No….Then please keep on reading.

Alzheimer also known as Dementia is a major and progressive brain disorder, that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and even takes a brain to that level where you’ll not be able to do a simple task.

What are trans fats?

We consume trans fats on a regular basis, the small number of trans fats present in meat and dairy foods. But the highest rate of trans fats is founded in man-made versions of food.

The restaurants and even an entire food industry love to serve trans foods as they are cheaper and very easy to produce. Apart from fried food, food items like coffee creamer, cakes, pie crusts, Pizzas, Cookies, crackers, and hundreds of other processed foods carry trans fats.

About the Study

This study was done over 1600 Japanese men and women without Dementia for a 10-year period. All the body checkups and blood tests were done at the start of the study and the diets were also analyzed.

The study founded the factors which can develop Dementia in a human body. They concluded that people with the two highest levels of trans fats i.e. 52% and 74% are more reliable to develop Dementia in their bodies than the lowest levels.

However, the factors have also been studied which may cause Dementia, like high Blood Pressure (BP), diabetes, and smoking.