Hey fans!…get ready to splash into the pool of Oreo’s sweetness as Becky G shoots for the brand’s commercial!!

Becky G is commending the genuine significance of family in another Oreo business, set to air during the twentieth yearly Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday night (Nov. 14).

Authored “Ah, back home again” and set to a unique reggaeton melody, the 30-second spot shows Becky energetically moving and drawing in with her whole family – both face to face at home and by means of video talk while out and about. “Everybody in the business is actually my family,” Becky G only tells Billboard. “My mother, my father, my kin, every one of the four of my grandparents is in it – which, for me, is a minute caught that I will treasure perpetually in my heart.”


The Mexican-American artist communicated that the best piece of imparting a set to her friends and family was enabling them to perceive what it resembles to be Becky for a day. “I have recordings of them completing their outfit and cosmetics and getting drained in the middle of shots. It was so adorable.”

With its new ad, Oreo highlight the estimation of family and music inside Latin culture. “Family is significant in light of the fact that they keep you grounded to be the individual that you are,” she says. “It doesn’t really need to be blood. Your family is only a decent gathering of individuals that you encircle yourself with.”

Becky – who sees herself as a Double Stuf Oreos sort of young lady – says she’s eager to impart this new spot to her fans since it’s something very exceptional that gives her legitimacy. “I feel that my fans are going to feel so associated with this business. At the point when I read the treatment, I cried on the grounds that they catch what befalls me when I’m out and about, and my family is far. This is stunning.”

After a uber effective 2019 — facilitating the MTV EMAs and discharging her first collection, Mala Santa, among different accomplishments — she wants to invest quality energy with her friends and family during the special seasons. “We love hanging out at home. I’ll head toward my grandparents’ home with my sweetheart. My mother’s folks live truly two houses down from my folks, so they are over constantly. My father’s folks come over, and we’ll cook together, we’ll make tamales and albondigas [meatballs],” she says of their run of the mill Christmas. “We like to keep it light and fun, chill since what I can be debilitating, and I would prefer not to be ‘on’ constantly, yet to have a feeling of ordinariness.”

She additionally endeavors to keep things ordinary in her association with Sebastian Lletget. “Correspondence is the greatest thing in any relationship, particularly for individuals who are youthful. I’m just 22, and he turned 27. We are still so centered around our professions. We both began working at such a young age. He began his expert vocation at 14,” she says about the Argentinian soccer star. “I began working at nine years of age, so our professions and our families are all we’ve at any point known. That is the reason we have such deference and regard for one another and what we do.”She lets it be known’s intense here and there investing energy separated from her sweetheart “and not so much realizing when is whenever” they are going to see one another. “We live respectively, we have a spot together, and yet it’s as yet a long-separation relationship in light of the fact that occasionally we go weeks or months without seeing each other,” she uncovers.