Here is how you can unlock wolverine and His Variant skin in Fortnite! We have the most sorted solution for you!

Fortnight is a game that is famous among the youth for its attraction that they have towards it. The game is not only having good graphics, animation, sound, etc but also has an easy way to play it due to the fact that its controls are easy to manage and there isn’t much that must be remembered by the players.

With each level, people are able to move ahead in the game and can unlock the levels succeeding it. The levels that get unlocked come with an addition that is their ability to reach a higher stage and get the features of the new level whose difficulty increases with the levels passing by. With the overcoming of levels, we are entitled to the features in the game that are offered to the player, which could be a new commodity that they would be needed to simplify their games in the future or get more points which would eventually fetch them to something more entitled.

How do we unlock the Variant Skin and Wolverine?

These are some features in the game, fortnight that can get unlocked with the player crossing level 6 of the game. Week 5 and week 6 are the rounds that determine whether one gets the two unlocked or not since they are the more advanced levels.

The game works on simple principles that are based on one person getting through the lower levels to unlock the succeeding levels so that they can achieve the things that they started playing the game for. Not a tough task, it can be achieved easily with a good and planned strategy that can ensure that things fall into place with the players of the game.