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HBO’s The Third Day gets 6.5 IMDB rating. Read the genuine reviews of the series below!

The Third Day is a British American Horror and Mystery drama series. For now there is only one season the show which was released on 14th of September, 2020. The original network of the show are HBO, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts. Although the series is overall amazing but there are some flaws which is unable to keep the audience engaged.

You know what a series is really like but then comes some series which are hard to explain. In fact, pen downing their reviews is a sort of big task. But still we have got some stuff for you.

Oseca, a mysterious Island is the center of plot where every event “happens”.

The synopsis of the series is written by Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly. So, in the series the island gets cut off from the main human kind.  The series revolve around a man and a woman who arrive in the island at different times. The whole season  is divided into three parts. The first part is “Summer”, the second part is “Autumn”  and the third part is “Winter”. All the three parts are interconnected very cleverly. Initially, the first part follows a man whose name is Sam.

Team of “The Third Day”

Certainly,  it is all about the casting which makes the show or movie a big hit. The casting of the series do include some great actors. Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, john Dagleish, Mark Lewis, Jessie Ross and many more. Brad Pitt has executively produced the series along with 7 other producers. Ardian Sturges and Gareth Collins are the producers of the show.

Will there be any 2nd season of “The Third Day”?

For now, HBO has no plan to make second season of the show. Moreover, give the angles of synopsis, it more likely to not to have any second season. Above all ,the series was always promoted as a single season.

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