HBO Max Releases First glimpse of upcoming movies and new ad of HBO is what everyone is hyping over

HBO Max has released trailers and fans are hyping over every glimpse

HBO Max has recently given fans a glimpse of the upcoming Sex and the City reboot. It is the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday and HBO is celebrating it like an event. The new ad of HBO features highly anticipated and most awaited Max Originals.

Sex and the City all ready to go Twitter

What is in the ad?

In the short clip, we saw stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kneavue Reeves, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and many more. For the Sex and the City reboot, we saw the trio standing together and they see someone they recognize and it happens out to be none other than Parker.

However, we also saw Parker and Chris Noth kissing and dancing with each other in the kitchen. Meanwhile, some other glimpses include our Euphoria star, Zendaya. HBO is soon going to release the next season of Euphoria. Meanwhile, we only saw Zendaya for few secs giving a slight smile in her role as Rue.

Euphoria Twitter

We also saw footage of Peacemaker which is a series made by a DC comic written by Joe Gill. Meanwhile, in the lead role we have a prior fighter, now an actor John Cena who we ‘can see him’ in the trailer of HBO Max. The series is all set to release in 2022.

Matrix new movie
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The fifth and the final season of Insecure is also going to release soon on HBO. Further shows include ‘How am i the bad guy’. New comedy with Mindy Kaling ‘The Sex lives of College Girls’, Reeves in the new part of Matrix. Therefore HBO has a lot to offer us this year and we are soo much ready to receive all these new series and movies with nothing but excitement.

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