HBO Max Previews Four Original Series Slated for Release in Spain

HBO max in Spain with 4 variety shows

On October 26, WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, will be available in Spain. HBO Espaa phased out in favour of the new platform, which contains all of the company’s content under one roof. It will do this through five major brands, films and programs from the Warner Bros archive, HBO collection, DC Extended Universe super heroes, Cartoon Network animation and in-house productions under the brand Max Originals.

There is still no word on how much the service cost. Representatives from several HBO Max-commissioned shows gathered on Sunday at the San Sebastian Film Festival in advance of the streamer’s Oct. 26 arrival in Spain for preview. Shows will be available on the platform on or after that date.

Todo lo otro

Mandarina an eight-part series, Todo lo otro, for Warner Media broadcast on HBO Max in the fall of 2021. Evey episode runs 30 minutes long. The series “Todo lo otro” starring actress Abril Zamora, who wrote the script, directed the film, and also stars in it, has wrapped filming.

Credits: twitter @HBO_ES

The story depicts the struggles of a group of vulnerable thirty-somethings in a Madrid who doesn’t seem to make life easy for them to achieve. Relationship, stressful jobs, bad decisions that show a late teen years, but also the necessity of finding a place when reality is not what they imagined.

Juan Carrasco

The Juan Carrasco adventure continues to unfold on HBO Max. Season 3 of the political comedy ‘Venga Juan,’ featuring Javier C├ímara, has been announced for the platform but no date has been set for its arrival in Spain.

Juan Carrasco has achieved the top of his job role. He has a spectacular office, has lost ten kilogrammes, and most importantly, has hair thanks to the revolving doors. His partner Paula, daughter Eva, and ex press officer Macarena aren’t welcome in Juan’s new life. He has plenty of things to look forward to in the future. Everything goes to pieces when Logroo, the one thing he can never get rid of, returns in his life.

To avoid going to prison, some documents implicating Juan in a municipal corruption plot have been released. A desperate attempt to flee Logroo and forget about his past… only to realise that what he’s missing is his present.


Garcia has been added to HBO Max’s originals pipeline as Garcia. A new Spanish series based on the well-known graphic novel by writers Santiago Garcia and Luis Bustos of the same title

While set in today’s present-day Spain, the novel, published by Astiberri Ediciones. It explores issues of sociocultural unrest in a country still haunted by the demons of its dictatorial past. Veki Velilla plays a young undercover reporter called Antonia who discovers the truth about a long-standing Francoist conspiracy.

Sin Novedad -Nothing New

David Herranz

Sin Novedad , a comedy about a seemingly general police surveillance operation that goes absolutely out of hand. Produced by HBO Max in six 25-minute episodes. Several of Spain’s most well-known comedians star in the film. Other well-known actors in cameos and guest appearances. Director Rodrigo Sopea, with co-writer lex Mendbil, working on a movie this Spanish adaptation of No Activity, an Australian show.