HBO Max Launches “Scene in Black” to Laud the Black Stories

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HBO Max is pulling all the stops to show appreciation for the talent and creation. The streaming service has planned to launch “Scene in Black” a new social initiative. This initiative focuses on HBO and HBO Max’s Black talent starting from creatives to fans.

The title for the initiative is borrowed from Isa Rae, who is creator, writer, producer and actor of HBO’s biggest hits “Insecure”. The actress said the line at the time of an interview with Variety and the one-liner went viral. 

The one-liner served as a tremendous title for HBO as it puts out the sentiment to amplify the black talents. 

 HBO AND HBO Max’s SVP of Multicultural marketing head, Jackie Gagne described the initiative and the development. She says that their destination is to tell the stories from the Black perspective. She further added that HBO has a wide variety and history of amplifying Black stories and talent. 

“Scene in Black”
credit: Instagram/“Scene in Black”

What will this Initiative cover?

With amazing and award-winning shows such as “The Wire”, “Insecure”, “A Different World”, “A Black Lady Sketch Show”, “I May Destroy You” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” by HBO Max. Their goal with “Scene in Black” is to celebrate such leading talents, which have made such striking differences with time.  

The social content franchises will include the following-

The chapter that changed you– Talents will share the shows or movies that have impacted them in their professional and personal life. 

Hot Takes- Talents to give their opinions on topics that are generally reserved.

Note to Creatives Who Look like me– what talents will tell their younger selves.

“Scene in Black”
credit: Instagram/ “Scene in Black”
“Scene in Black”
Credit: Instagram/“Scene in Black”

“Scene in Black” is one of the many initiatives taken by HBO for the audiences. Followed by HBO Max’s Human by Orientation and HBO Max Pa’lante.