HBO Max Heading to Europe this October, Announced by Warnermedia

HBO Max is expanding the success story

HBO Max launched in US (2020) owned by AT&T currently having over 67.5 million users. In first half of 2021 they launched in Latin America and the Caribbean. Warner media announced in Europe and Asian territories HBO Max launches in next six months .

HBO Max shows
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After US launch they set goal- being accessible in many countries. Now Warner media and AT&T focused on European territories. On October 26 HBO Max going to be available on six territories. Countries are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra.

HBO Max in 2022

Subsequently they planned to step into the markets of European countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary. And Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia by 2022.

However in the major countries like Germany, France, UK are left out from the 20 listed countries. Sky Atlantics and HBO agreement continues until 2025. So the popular shows will run in Sky platform in those countries.

During the event releases remaining details such as price, product and content items to be offered. Warner Bros being the major content provider along with CN, DC and HBO. The subscription begins from $9.99 with advertisement and $14.99 for zero advertisement.

Sulebakk about playing among rivals

Question raised to HBO Max EMEA brand manager Christina Sulebakk- How Warnermedia standout from competitors Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+. The subscribers of HBO Max competitors relatively high in Europe.

HBO Max manager
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Christina said their brand with HBO Max wider than legacy HBO brand. The content and scope of HBO Max have much diverse and energetic. Audience can feel love, energy, lively fun in the brand when they watch.

Likewise, HBO Max head Johannes Larcher gave a statement. Warnermedia films, Complete series of Harry Potter, GOT and Bing Bang theory popular series watched by fans of Europe. Therefore, providing content convenient and giving different variety of titles are the missions of HBO Max.