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HBO has finally announced a good news amid a whole week of controversy. To cover the full story, read below!

This week was a happy week for HBO max. The app currently is on position 9 after HBO has released special episode of Euphoria. It one of the Emmy winning youth series which revolves around young generation. As soon as the episode was dropped out on the app, it became most downloaded app in USA. App Annie gave all the. It is a service which tracks the mobile space.

Euphoria is an American teen drama which stars none other than very talented Zendaya. She is also the narrator of the series. For now there is only one season of Euphoria. It was originally released on 16th of June, 2019.

The series was already renewed for its second season which was to be preceded by two specials in December 2020 and upcoming January 2021.

Although, there has been a lot of teen drama but Euphoria is kind of very engaging. Moreover, the cast has also done wonderful work. Above all, fans are loving the remarkable performance Zendaya did in special episode part 1. Rue A.K.A. Zendaya has helped HBO Max to set a markable record. This achievement is more important because amid COVID-19, HBO has gone through heavy cancelled productions. HBO was also in middle of distribution fight with AMazon and Roku.

However, many subscriber still are unaware that HBO Max is for free. Although HBO has more than 28.7 million subscriber but HBO Max is still on 12.6 million subscriber.

Well, in latest, the company has said that they will be releasing all the WarnerMedia movies till 2021 on HBO Max and in theaters.

However, Christopher Nolan on other hand have said that HBO is the worst service provider. The irony is that he has created many movies for Warner.

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