HBO and director Bong Joon Ho is coming up with a limited series ‘Parasite

Good news is coming up soon and hopefully many would love and enjoy it a pot also. HBO and director Bong Joon Ho on his “Parasite” had received lots of appreciation as well as lots of critics,even from Barack Obama in 2019 as well also. Well now the good news is that it is planning to come up with a limited series for the “Parasite.” Well now Bong would pair up to work with newer extension to the series with Adam McKay, who is best known wide for his hard work on the “Succession.” It even earned award at HBO for drama series award. So the team is a really good one, which will make the extended one a better and a good one for everyone to enjoy and all.

Bong says that “Parasite” is a good one but he wanted to tell more to the audience. But through the early one it could only be conveyed in three hours only. But Bong says that it is not a different parts or anything, it is just an extension to the already story. He says that with the new extension he could tell more stories to it, even with the help of Adam too. They will work together to bring out the extended one, not any parts or segments.

“Parasite” is like a dark type of movie. It is all about wealth and poor. The movie is about poverty stricken Kim family and the wealthy people who work for them as employers, that is, the Park family. The story shows these two families and their struggles as the story goes on, that is the plot unfolds. It is both a comedy and a dark film also and has received many many awards for it also. From Golden Globes to National Academy Awards as well.