Hatoful Boyfriend :Mobile Games: updates/review

Hatoful Boyfriend mobile game is made by Developer Digital. The game is full of adventure and thrill. It is basically a game based on the story of pigeons. The game will change your perspective towards the birds, and the players get a lot of experience while playing it.

The game gained popularity because of it’s uniqueness. It is a love story of a pigeon who lives in the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute. The institution the best in the world, which has the most talented pigeons from all around the world. The developer of the game has done an excellent job, and his imagination in the field of love is worth praise.

The game was fully eligible for all after 2 July 2016 before it the game was restricted for some people. However, the last update of the game was done on 13 July 2016; the game hasn’t got any updates after that. All the features are content from that time. And the game became a fully functional game after that.

How to download the game?

For downloading the game, you first need to make a payment of three hundred thirty Indian rupees. And the android version of your device must be at least 2.3 to use it on your device. However, all the android versions are under this category, and even the size of the game is just 27 MB.

But the game also has some minimum age criteria. Only people with more than twelve years of age can play it because the game contains some sexual innuendo, which isn’t good for small kids. Thus, these are the few criteria that you need to fulfill for the game. And once it’s done, you can fully enjoy it.