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Has the Legendary ‘Transformer’ Franchise Officially been given the Red Signal? The Makers aren’t Pleased much

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The science fiction based franchise of Transformers began in 1980s. the first five movies were directed by Michael Bay. Michael Bay directed ‘Transformers’ (2007), ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ (2009), ‘Dark of the Moon’ (2011), ‘Age of Extinction’ (2014), and ‘The Last Knight’ (2017). The latest and 6th part of the movie was directed by Travis Knight. He was the director of the movie Bumblebee  which was released on 21st December, 2018.

Since “Bumblebee” performed as expected makers obviously wants to bring 7th part o the series on the floor. But, there is a rumor all around on the internet that Transformer fans won’t be getting any 7th movie of the series.

The rumor is nothing but a big LIE.

We will be getting 7th movie which will be sequel of Bumblebee and it is all set to release in 2022

The movie is expected to release on 24th of June, 2020. The date is officially confirmed by Paramount along with Hasbro. Therefore, all the rumors for movie 7 of Transformer is cleared after the official confirmation.

What will be the cast of Transformer 7?

Since the movie is all set to come out in 2022 makers are not revealing the cast for now. But we expect the same vocal cast to return again for the 7th part of the series. Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Laura Haddock, Santiago Cabrera, Stanley Tucci and Liam Garegin are expected to return as members of the cast.

What will be the synopsis of Transformer 7?

As we have already said, makers are yet not ready to reveal everything about the 7th part of the movie. Bu we can still predict a basic plotline of the movie. Transformer 7 may follow the “misdirection of Quintessa which leads to exposure of Unicorn” as a plotline.