Has Netflix Pulled the Plug on ‘Iron Fist’ After Two Seasons? Read Further to Know the Truth.

By 3 months ago

There has been news that there will be no season 3 for Marvel’s Iron fist. The first season was a fail. The second one came up to cover up for the 1st season but not many people turned to it. But, still season 2  did better and ended with many spoilers, and now when Netflix confirms there is no season 3, it is a shock for everyone.

It is anything but a stretch to envision that the approaching appearance of Disney’s streaming service, Disney Play, is likely tossing an enormous wrench into the works for the entirety of Disney and Netflix’s joint TV properties.

Given that Disney Play is showing up in 2019 and is set to be the elite host for practically the entirety of Disney’s unique substance, including Star Wars and Marvel ventures, it bodes well this may be the main move by Disney to bring its young men home.

What was the main reason for season 3 to be canceled by Netflix?

on the Iron Fist side of things, quality control was, and has been, the main problem. The two seasons 1 and 2 neglected to prevail upon the world, as can be confirmed by their unpalatable Rotten Tomatoes scores. Pundits and fans the same just couldn’t get behind the show’s moderate pacing, misused hero, and the scores of different issues both extraordinary to Iron Fist and symptomatic of the Marvel-Netflix recipe all in all.

Is official statement given by Netflix?

Yes, Netflix has officially declared that this is the end of Iron fist and there will be no more seasons coming regarding this show.

Even though the showstoppers released various spoilers for the coming season but due to it not achieving so much attention, it has rejected the screening of season 3 on Netflix.