Harvey Weinstein might not be in a good position after ladies coming out of the closet to share there stories in court??

A former actress, as well as costume designer, has brought a new turn in Harvey Weinstein’s rape case. On Jan 29, Wednesday, during the trial of the case, she revealed that the former producer groped her and propositioned her for sex. In return, he offered her a movie contract. Read the full article to get all the information regarding the case.

Dawn Dunning was not the only woman with whom Weinstein is charged with assaulting. In fact, there have been two more such women who suffered the same situation. Although she is the only one who went up to the prosecutor to bolster her case against producer Weinstein, The lady is trying hard to provide evidence about his intentions or actions.

The 67-year-old producer, Weinstein, has been pleading not to be guilty of sexually assaulting Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann. In addition to this, reports even suggest that since 2017, 80 plus women have accused him of sexual misconduct. This even includes many famous celebrities, mostly actresses.

These accusations have even joined the trending #Metoo movement. The movement is basically about the women who have ever been harassed. The ladies have accused most of the powerful men like businessmen, celebrities, or politicians of sexual misconduct. This case is considered as a massive milestone in the movement.

On the other hand, the famous producer, Weinstein, has totally denied all these allegations. He mentioned these to be consensual and just to harm his name and fame. Some of the famous works of Weinstein are The English Patient and Shakespeare in love.

Dunning claimed that in the year 2004, he invited the actress to a hotel in SoHo. A film was being staged there. She further than told that he led her into a room and tried to touch her with bad intentions without even a warning. Another day, he welcomed her to his house in a bathrobe. He proposed her with his next three movies if she agrees to have sex with him.