It seems Sia isn’t immune to Harry Styles’s charm and his flirting definitely made her blush! Check out for the full story.

Harry Styles has a high fan following drooling all over his insanely good looks and his melodious voice; however, it seems like one celeb herself has confessed something huge about the singer, and you should definitely check it out.

Harry Styles Flirted With Sia, And It Made Her Blush! Here’s What We Know.

In an exclusive interview for the Interview Magazine singing sensation, Sia revealed that Harry Styles pretty much flirted with her when he was 21 years old! Not only the but Sia even praised his flirting skills as well! Sia was all red and blushing when this incident happened. Well, can you blame her?

Moreover, Sia said that she must say that Harry Styles has got some moves because of all the swag. Sia was thirty-five years old when this flirting incident happened, and the host and her friend Eddie Benjamin called the One Direction member a legend for his act.

Sia Has Recollected The Whole Incident In An Exclusive Interview.

Sia moreover added that she had heard this from a lot of girls, and Styles has definitely got the smooth moves because he’s a charming young chappy. Sia also confessed that it felt like she went bright red. Well, Harry Styles made yet another celeb blush with great flirting skills, it seems.

We don’t really blame Sia as Harry Styles is pretty known for his charming style, and that’s why he has quite a dating life with some big names over all these years. The singer has a huge female following, and no one can resist that looks along with such a soulful voice. Sia has also become a fan; we are not quite surprised, to be honest!