Harry Styles and Millie Bobby Brown meltdown Twitter: Shows some amazing moves at Ariana Grande’s concert.

Harry Styles, 25 and Millie Bobby Brown, 15 have been spotted dancing together at Ariana Grande’s London concert last night. Twitter and the fans of both the stars have gone crazy, seeing them hang out at the O2 Arena together.

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Styles, 25 and Brown, 15 seemed to have fun partying together, and to the fans seemed excited to be there. Reports suggest that Harry Styles approached the actress and they hit it off, a meeting being heralded as iconic by their fans. Fans of Ariana Grande, who is currently on her Sweetener Tour, were pleasantly surprised to get the opportunity not only to see the pop singer sing and perform live but also see teen favourites Millie Bobby Brown and Harry Styles.

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The unexpected friendship has many fans confused while others are in disbelieve to see their two favourite stars together. Twitter has been flooded by video clips and images of fans noticing the two stars at the concert, grooving to the songs and also waving to the crowd.

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Millie Bobby Brown was recently seen in her famous role as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things 3. The young star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador is soon to join the Godzilla fandom, with her role as Madison Russell in the 2019 release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She also appears in the next instalment of the movie, Godzilla vs Kong set to release in 2020. In the meanwhile, Harry Styles was in the news after he revealed that he had a stalker and had to change house due to that. The former One Direction band member has been keeping to himself after his live tour ended. He was one of the executive producers of the sitcom “Happy Together” on CBS.